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How to gmail app uninstall?


How do you deactivate/uninstall the Gmail app?

I'm trying to cut down on the doubling up of notifications by having two email apps, and I dont want to be using one for gmail and and all the rest for another.

How do you guys work multiple email accounts?

Go to settings, accounts, Google, tap on your Gmail account and uncheck gmail. After you do that you can disable the app under application settings. That's exactly what I have done.

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I used to have the Gmail app and the standard mail app, and had the same problems as you. Seeing as on my device you couldn't delete the standard email app, there was really only one option for doing my email. I was able to simply delete the app just like any other app, but I don't know what device you are running on so I can't really help you right now.

like said by jneusch. disable the gmail sync settings and then disable the app in app info

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