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How do i uninstall vlc media player?


I installed VLC player, but now I want to be fully rid of it, so I typed in the following command in Terminal:

And it told me that it had purged it, but then in Terminal when I typed in vlc , this was the output (although no GUI launched):

And if I type in help I get a proper response from the program. And it also allows me to type in and execute any associated command.

So how can I fully remove VLC Player so that when I execute the command vlc it tells me that it does not know that command?

I am currently running Ubuntu 14.10.

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vlc depends on vlc-nox which installs the vlc command that you see. Remove it specifically, or use autoremove :

None of the above will actually remove all vlc packages, (usually 6-7). Better to do -

sudo apt-get purge vlc-data

To remove a package and all its dependencies in one command, you can also directly pass the package name as argument to apt-get autoremove :

If you prefer to purge the packages (to also clean up all configuration files), the way to go is this:

However, this will not work in your case, because of the complex dependency tree of vlc . autoremove only removes automatically packages which currently have no installed reverse-dependencies. That means as long as there are other packages which may depend on vlc 's dependencies, they will stay. Those other packages are probably vlc-plugin-* packages which depend on vlc but get not removed with that first run yet.

However, if you keep firing sudo apt-get autoremove after that first line, apt-get should slowly start to realize that there's more to remove.

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