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How to uninstall chrome on mac os?

Warning: If you have used S/MIME for email encryption, you should export certificates in order to retain a backup copy, before deleting them from the browser.
[How can I tell if I've used S/MIME for email encryption?] .

  1. Navigate, in Finder, to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access.
    Double-click to open Keychain Access.

Select the login keychain, and then select My Certificates from the list in the lower pane.
If you do not have a list in the lower pane, with All Items, Certificates, Passwords. , press the button in the bottom left of the Keychain Access window. Your window should look like the image below:

Highlight all certificates.

Follow the menu path Edit >Delete, or press the delete key on your keyboard.
Result: A popup windows prompts to confirm deletion of the certificate. Click Delete.

  • Select "All Items" from the Category list in the lower left-hand page. Click "Kind" to sort the certificate items by their type
  • Select everything that has the type "identity preference" and Delete them.

  • Type "MIT Certification" into the search box in the upper right hand corner.
  • Highlight the MIT Certification Authority certificate and Delete it.

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