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How to completely uninstall outlook 2010?


I guess I asked this question in the wrong forum. I'm really frustrated right now because Outlook 2010 won't let me delete an Outlook Data file that it has as the default (can't change it). I've spent HOURS on this and would like to completely uninstall Outlook and start over with a fresh, empty version of it. I tried this yesterday and this morning, but it came back with the same accounts in it.

Why is there no simple "Uninstall" option btw? I had a hard time understanding the different options of "install on first use, operate from my computer, and not available" or whatever those choices were. IF I can do this complete uninstall, I'll need clear directions.

If I can't do the uninstall, can anyone tell me how in the world I can delete this Outlook data file and set a new default delivery location as the error message tells me I must do?

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