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How to uninstall vlc media player in ubuntu?


Good day everyone!

Faced with a problem with VLC and have not found any solution yet (even after some web search on the topic)

When did this start:
while trying to enable bluetooth audio in VLC (but failed anyway so aborted it)
the problem started after this.

Actions done:
uninstalling and reinstalling VLC

reboot, then install vlc

Symptoms: (observed after the re-install)
clicking on the VLC icon does not start the application
an hourglass-cursor does appear after clicking the icon, but after a few seconds it reverts back to cursor.

selecting a media file (video) and selecting VLC as player did start the app
however, closing the window to stop the app does close VLC but the audio still continues

selecting an another file to play stops the audio, but still VLC does not open.

this is the output of vlc -v,

System spec: (RPi desktop am using to post to this forum)
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB
Raspbian Buster Full Desktop in 32GB A1 microSD, raspbian updated and upgraded as 2019-09-28
12V powered X400 v3 DAC-Amp supplying 5.1v to RPi4B.

is there another way to cleanly remove VLC and do a clean re-install (short of re-flashing the whole microSD)

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