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Cannot uninstall security essentials windows 7?

Security essentials prevents me from loading a legitimate virus protection Trend micro maximum. The message I get each time is that a fault has developed , message 0x8004FF80

Take a look here:Manually remove Security Essentials:
"Security essentials prevents me from loading a legitimate virus protection Trend micro maximum"

Legitimate? Are you saying MSE is not legitimate? Trend Micro ranks right up there with Norton & McAfee, in other words, it should be avoided.

It is not uncommon to have difficulties removing any virus checker because they are designed not to be tampered with by viruses and the like. The very first thing you should always do before uninstalling is turn off real time monitoring. Ideally you should be able to restart your computer and find the virus checker not running. If despite this you get into difficulties most of them have an uninstaller available if you Google around.

The same argument applies to third party firewalls - disable them before uninstalling.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I agree with riider. I use Microsoft Security Essentials and find that is all I need.

Why do you want to run Trend instead?

I myself prefer Avast Free
I find it has much better protection than MSE. I have tried both and Avast works much better for me, plus I install it on 95% of the repairs I do in my shop .

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Heck, fellas! Give the guy a break!
He wasn't asking about the best free AV software, or implying Microsoft Security Essentials wasn't legitimate. His query was about a problem uninstalling MSE.

There's a world of choice out there. Maybe he already bought TrendMicro's software; Maybe he just wants to test out the trial. It's his entitlement. Nothing wrong with that.

I don't use it myself, but TrendMicro is a reputable company and make decent software - as good as any other.
A relative of mine has used it for years. It works for them and they don't mind paying the annual premium.

Just use free Revo uninstaller to remove MSE. it works best for removal:

You can always re-install it later if you want.

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A word of caution if you use Revo. I used it on an "HP" program and it promptly stopped another "HP" program from working. If it does that with "Microsoft" it might not be so easy to put right. The thing to avoid is the aggressive registry option. If you put "revo uninstaller messed up my pc" into Google you will get a stack of hits, all related to the registry.

The safest bet would be to first turn off MSE in Control Panel > Security and/or the tray icon (settings tab). Then uninstall it from Control Panel > Programs and Features. If necessary download and install MSE again then follow the foregoing procedure.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I've used revo on 2 MSE removals and never had a problem. just watch what you deleter when using the moderate setting.
IMO, the free version of Revo is little better than CCleaner. Only more dangerous as it digs deeper into the registry.

If uninstalling a programme Revo uses that programmes own uninstaller, same as CCleaner ( also same as shows in Windows Add/Remove prog list).

The only difference is Revo's registry cleaner digs much deeper than CCleaner and attempts to identify and target all remnants of the uninstalled programme.

Therein lies the danger. Give it its head and sooner or later Revo will mess up by misidentifying a file.

Don't confuse with Revo Pro. With this, you install new software via Revo's itself.
It then logs all changes.
These changes are reversed when Revo uninstalls such programmes.
Otherwise, whether free or paid-for, Revo is just a glorified registry cleaner. As such the usual warnings apply.
As I said; Just my opinion.

Peet100 makes a good point about Revo Pro monitoring installs and logging changes. It is then more likely to get things right. Similarly XPUser4Real makes a good point about watching what you delete when using the moderate setting.

What it boils down to is that we do not fix computers on here, only give advice so that the original poster can do so. This is why it is appropriate that the pro's and con's are aired on this forum. It is then up to the OP whether he/she is prepared to take any associated risks and knows where to be cautious.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

Try this, it usually works quite well at removing MSE when it won't uninstall, nicely and it is from Microsoft, a fix it tool. The link I'll post below, (select the download from authors site and not the green download sponsored link). After that, you may install an anti virus of your choice. Before installing a new anti virus restart the computer after the fix it tool runs just to be sure, and then install your antivirus when it reloads.
Good find Hopper Rox. That looks like the best way to go.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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