/ / How to uninstall blue coat k9 web protection without password

How to uninstall blue coat k9 web protection without password?


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Best solution

How can I bypass Blue Coat K9 web protection without a password?

If you want to bypass through the Blue Coat web filter, simply just use a free proxy service from https.

Other solutions

How do you bypass k9 web protection?

Unless you know your parents password, you can not hack K9 Web Protection, a free family tool web filter.

How can you bypass k9 web protection?

he best workaround is one of the simplest, it contains just 2 steps 1) Get to the screen telling you.

k9 web protection bypass plese help.

i have k9 web protection in my pc.i forgot the password and my email account also expired.plese suggest a way to temporarily disable it when i want.please help.

You could try rebooting into safe mode and uninstalling it.

How to bypass k9 web protection?

My bro is an idiot he blocked all my favorite sites with k9. How do i bypass it. I use windows 7 i cannt install anything because of the admin and the command prompt and task manager is blocked. Is there a way. please help D:

Lol. Not without the password.

I need a bypass for Bluecoat K9 Web Protection?

okay so I do not want any p0rn at all, my parents blocked myspace,youtube and several other websites that i constanly browes and myspace is the only way i can communicate with my friends since i do not have a cell phone anymore, i just need a proxy site.

Try this proxy network http://www.iliketosurf.com http://www.noteducated.com http://www.whackyourlecturer.

How do you uninstall or bypass k9 web protection?

This filter block youtube and facebook, things I don´t need "protection" from because I used to be on them all the time and and they haven´t shown me anything I don´t already know. For God sakes, I´m 13. At that age.

My school had installed this filter at the beginning of the year on all computers. so, i spent months.

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