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I uninstalled internet explorer how to reinstall windows 10?


I want to reinstall Interne Explorer 11 on Windows 10. Please tell me how.

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But what I find is many folk can't find or make the shortcut to IE11. Did you try making a new shortcut to it?

The methods described in this answer do not seem to _reinstall_ IE.

My IE has developed a serious glitch and as soon as I turn it on it goes into a terminal "Internet Explorer has stopped working" loop.

I have followed the procedure outlined (turning it off and turning it on) and this has not cleared up the problem.

I need to _reinstall_ not just turn off and on.

It's baked in. I have had folk claim it's gone and all it was, was a missing shortcut.

Are you sure it's gone?

Here's my test. I press Winkey+R then type in iexplore and press return.

It hasn't gone. It's there but it's broken. It crashes immediately on launch.

Is to reset IE and test IE in another account. Addon's can cause IE to crash which is why MSFT gave us resets and commands.

2. Test IE in your spare Admin account. For all versions of Windows you shall have a spare admin account (or else!)
How to is at https://www.howtogeek.com/226540/how-to-create-a-new-local-user-account-in-windows-10/

Thanks for the tip about the spare admin account - hadn't heard that before but it makes sense.

However, I have already tried "Reset" option - as suggested by Kees_B below - and that didn't work.

IE doen't work in my new spare admin account either.

SFC and W10 repair options. To be clear there is NO IE11 installer as it was burnt into the OS.

There are many reasons IE11 will crash on launch. Some of the reasons are hardware and driver related.

Wont work is it does not exist on windows computer files.

If you're not willing to use other browsers such as Edge, Opera, Firefox, etc., then your only option is to format and reinstall Windows 10 from scratch. Windows 10 does indeed have Internet Explorer 11 installed by default but if it somehow was removed or broken on your machine, then reinstalling Windows 10 is the only way I know of.

There are method of running a "repair install" of Windows 10 but that may, or may not fix the issue. You'll have to run one to determine the outcome.

Hope this helps.

I tried the Winkey+R and it's not there. I accidentally removed it and tried to retrieve it from the trash, but that didn't work either. Now it is really gone. any more ideas?

. to reinstall Windows 10. That will put Internet Explorer back..

But as mentioned in many of those posts in this thread, it's not easy to actually remove IE from Windows 10. Hopefully, you've tried logging in as a different admin account and checking for IE there? It may just be disabled so I'll guess you've tried opening the Control Panel-Programs and Features-Turn Windows Features On and Off, then Uncheck the "Internet Explorer" box, restart the computer, then replace the CHECK mark in the box and restart the computer?

Still, if you don't really required IE, then why not use a different browser such as Edge, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Hope this helps.

I found out Edge functionality is limited with IE missing

FORFILES /P %WINDIR%servicingPackages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart /quiet"

And I'm currently having an issue finding a way to reinstall it. Below is the link to where I attained the command prompt. What do you think about this? Also I copied iexplore.exe from another pc to run it & got "The ordinal 840. " message.

Hope you made the media USB/DVD. Or try "system restore".

Dude, I did the same thing and now unable to re-install Explorer.. Have u figured out a way to this problem?

Winkey+R type iexplore reports iexplore not found

When I typed in iexplore and return it told me Windows cannot find iexplore. Is that not gone?

That could mean it's gone, indeed. Or it's in some unexpected place. Search for iexplore.exe in File Explorer. If that doesn't find it, it's really gone.

Then run sfc /scannow and if even that doesn't help refresh Windows or reinstall the latest upgrade (using the Media Creation Tool, or - even easier - the install medium you used for upgrading to the version you currently use).

Indeed, turning on and off hardly ever makes a difference in such a case, and you can't uninstall it.

Try the following:
- Go into Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced.
- Click the "reset button" at the bottom (only to be used if it IE doesn't run normally any more).

Thanks, but that didn't work either.

Still crashes immediately on launch.

If it doesn't work after such a reset, nor in another account, the only things left are:
- sfc /scannow in command prompt (probably you need to run it "as adminstrator") to fix missing or corrupted system files
- go back to your latest image backup
- reset/refresh Windows from the recovery drive you made or the dvd or USB-stick you can make using the Media Creation Tool

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