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How to uninstall chipset windows 7?



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I had a bit of a problem while removing some drivers using the "Driver Fusion" software. I had to remove my AMD and Intel display drivers in order to do a clean update, but I accidentally removed the "Intel chipset drivers" as well. The thing is, I'm not sure if that is anything important as I don't use an Intel motherboard. I'm using an hp laptop that has a Hewlett-Packard motherboard. What do you guys think?

Oh, and one more thing. Can a device using a motherboard from one manufacturer be using a chipset driver from another?

Thanks in advance.

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The Intel chipset driver is for a motherboard that uses an Intel chipset. The motherboard doesn't need to have been manufactured by Intel. (Most aren't.)

If your HP has an Intel CPU (central processor unit), it probably uses an Intel chipset as well, if it's of recent manufacture. NVidia and Via used to make chipsets for Intel CPUs, but I believe that Intel stopped licensing that after the Pentium 4 days.

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